Monday, 7 September 2009

Eleven items - two more looks

I'm persevering with the blackberry photo taking and instructions. As it was sunny on Saturday I managed to create a couple of looks with 5 of the items I bought. The Gap chinos make a reappearance because they truly are the best substitute for skinny jeans. I've rolled mine up on this photo.

Reiss 1971 sequin top (sorry no Wonder Woman twirl)
Gap skinny chinos
Manolo Blahnik silver shoes from Bergdorf Goodman 2007

Reiss black 1971 top
Reiss Gold belt
Reiss Blue silk skirt
Russell & Bromley shoes (last season)


  1. The first look reminds me slightly of Carrie on the first disk of season six. I am a geek.

  2. Fantastic looks! You look fantastic x

  3. No wonder you're a stylist. You've really got it all down, especially proportion.

    I've been thinking about getting some skilly chinos, and those just about have me sold.

  4. Hi there-wonderful outfits, these pieces are going to be very versatile and stylish items to wear!!

  5. Fab looks!
    Especially loving the statement belt!


  6. You look great! My favorite is your second outfit... that belt is amazing.

  7. wow!
    Very fancy looks!!

    I am so sorry about the photobucket problems at my blog...I kind a solve the problem...i juts hate that...

    Many kisses for you and thanks a lot for your great friendship,

    have a great day,


  8. I especially love the second outfit, but both looks are soo glamour! Just lovely! x

  9. That belt is great -- it makes a statement!

  10. Oooh, the top with the shoes is such a great combo. The cargos just show it all off.

  11. Linda Wagner, eat your heart out. Wonder woman who can transform any outfit with a single accessory.xoox

  12. I see your Blackberry takes the same kind of pictures that mine does - looks as if a softening filter was applied.

    I thought it was a bit of dust on the lens but perhaps they're all like that.


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