Wednesday, 30 September 2009

An LCF night out on a capsule wardrobe

Duty called and I went to LCF last night to welcome the new MA students. I managed to make the change into the evening look with my capsule wardrobe. Off with the skirt and the loafers and on with the dress, belt, jacket and boots.
A quick pose in the LCF canteen before mingling.

Roy Peach Dean of the Graduate School at LCF and Nilgin Yusuf Course Director for Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism and ex Sunday Times fashion editor.

New MA students studying for MAs in History and Culture of Fashion, Fashion Curation and Fashion and Film

Anna Burel from Paris studying for the MA in Fashion and Film

Another pose in capsule wardrobe outfit with MA Photography 2nd year student Lukas Kroulik

More new MA students studying for MAs in Buying and Marketing, Footwear and Fashion Design & Technology

Finally my last pose with my fellow MA Fashion and Film 2nd year course mate Lindsey Zyzyck ex Fashion Institute of Technology NY graduate and USA citizen. Good luck to all the new MA grads at LCF!


  1. Looks like a great night out and you look sensational. Did you tell anyone what you were doing?

  2. Hi there-I agree, great evening outfit and lovely pictures of your fellow MA Grads!!

  3. You look great, as do all your classmates. Looks like a fab night out!

  4. You all look lovely. As for your students, there is something special about being a student at the beginning of the semester... before noodles, lack of sleep, midterms and running out of your allowance!

  5. When duty calls me, I let the answering machine pick up.

  6. So fun, darling! You look lovely!
    And I just adore your new profile pic!


  7. Wendy's comment is hilarious! Kate, you look terrific in this outfit. Love the boots, the top under the strapless dress is great too. Sometimes I try that (I have a strapless, fitted denim dress) but it doesn't seem to be as chic as your effort. You've inspired me though. I'm going to try it again!

  8. You look so fancy! As a girl after a runway show in Milan!

    Many kisses :)

  9. Awww, I almost went to LCF this year to do the MA in Fashion History but ended up deciding to stay and study it here in NY. Part of me is regretting it as I'm so homesick for England, but maybe my PHD...

  10. Ooh, I love the stripey top with the strapless dress. I'm doing a very similar top in my wardrobe challenge...and I own a couple of fab strapless dresses. Hmm...

    I like your black and white palette, very chic.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  11. A fun night and a fun look. I love the stripes with the dress.

  12. Love layering the breton under the bustier!

  13. Looks like a very fun night out! I like how you've created such a versatile capsule that allows you to dress up in a very fun, creative way.

  14. I LOVE the dress over the tee. That is fantasticness.Is it wrong of me to point out you are the chicest one in your class!


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