Sunday, 13 September 2009

Warm hands for cycling

My only practical purchases in my recent splurge was a pair of bright pink fingerless gloves, which are essential for my daily cycling. Unless is gets really cold and snows, then fingerless gloves keep your hands warm and afford good handling of ones bicycle!

The other item is a pair of plum arm warmers. I like to wear just a short sleeve or sleeveless top and coat as the train and tube get so stuffy when commuting, but on the bike I need to keep my arms warm. Now I can still wear a short sleeve top under my coat but add warmth when I need it. Crazy huh!

Gloves and arm warmers - Toast


  1. My husband teased me for getting fingerless gloves a couple of years ago. Ha!

  2. Arm warmers are a fabulous idea for going short sleeved in winter, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love this!
    when I lived in London I was too poor for a really decent coat and like you had the issues with getting all hot and stuffy on the tube, then having to run all the way from Archway station to Avenue road FREEZING!

    So like you I got me some little stretchy gloves and legwarmers added a shawl (it was 1987) and rugged up as we rolled out of Tuffnell park.


  4. Cycling chic indeed! Arm warmers are a great idea. xx

  5. Very nice purchys ~ I especially like the fuchsia ones!


  6. Hope they keep you toasty and warm!xoxo

  7. Pretty! The arm warmers I see on the local cyclists never look this good.

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