Thursday, 10 September 2009

Make Do Style Givaway, Modelling Session, Rant and Repairs (or challenging stuff part 2)

Firstly this is not a fantastic donation from a fabulous brand...but it is more fun!

I'm offering a tie dye t-shirt to a lucky Make Do Style reader. Go on jump for joy!

All you have to do enter the competition is be or become a follower of this blog (just click to follow at top right, just a little something for moi) and specify in the comment box - what colour, what size tee-shirt, what shape of tee, choose from a vest, round or v neck style t-shirt and state which choice of tie dye, circle, small circles or marble effect - you would like. I can do more but I find these give the best results. If you would like marble effect please choose two colours!

The competition is open to all and closes on the 17th of September.

Below we have the marvellous petit garcon who is modelling the t-shirt to perfection.

Pucci Headscarf
Make Do Style Tie Dye T-shirt
vintage Chanel chain belt (family heirloom)
Gucci bag (I bought it in Milan in 2000 so nearly vintage)
Roger Vivier shoes

Now I know I'm being fully exploitative of my little darling but there is a serious side to this little modelling session. It is my spoof of what is a worrying fashion trend - that of using prepubescent girls to display vintage wares or couture/designer ready to wear clothes intended for women. In comparison, lest you think I don't appreciate youth, there was the marvellous Teen Vogue shot of Emma Watson - a young woman in her first throws of adulthood, embarking on her studies at university in New York. It was in the right setting and context in respect of publication. And actually you can work at 16 when you've left school so supermarket or modelling who am I to care.

Yet we have Pop magazine with a pull out booklet featuring a styling collaboration with M/M(Paris) and Manula Pavesi. Pavesi has been collecting designer clothes since the 1970s and beautiful items they are - so why dress a girl up in them? The theme was young adulthood and correct me if I'm wrong adulthood starts at 18 in most societies. A young adult is 18, an old adult is 80. Therefore a 12 or 13 year old is a youngster leaving childhood on the way to adulthood and mainly prepubescent. Dressing them up in women's clothes to take pictures is questionable. I'm all for pushing boundaries of taste and concepts of beauty and challenging gender stereotypes but the dichotomy here is of making a child look like a wealthy bourgeoisie sexual adult, and the placing of women's fashion on the body of a youngster/child i.e. prepubescent, doesn't enthral me.

one of the offending images (in my view) from Pop

Rant over - does anyone know a good person to repair a broken Chanel belt. Should I take it to Chanel - it is from the 70s though. I dropped it a couple of years ago when juggling, for some stupid reason, belt and baby. Being a doting and loving mother, I dropped the belt not petit garcon on to a wooden floor.

My broken chain belt!


  1. Hi there-fab post my dear, I suppose getting a quote from Chanel wouldn't hurt!! le Petit garcon takes the modelling in his stride, did you have to bribe him!!

  2. Hi - I've been away from blogging for ages and just started to read posts again and I completely agree about the creepiness of the young girl thing. I'm in my 20s and it wasn't that long ago I was messing about and getting scrapped knees. I loved dressing up in my mums clothes but also I liked to play football with my brothers. This months Vogue has a piece on Norman Parkinson and I read disneyrollergirls Grace Coddington quote and it does make you wonder where all this new magazine editorial is going.

  3. I would take it to Chanel they may even do it for nothing, never know your luck!

  4. Petit Garcon looks so cute, I remember dressing up in head scarves (but as sarongs) and mums shoes and handbags - oh what fun!

    I agree about the young girls dressed up as adults it is weird, but it does seem that even on the high street girls, teen fashion is becoming more adult looking.

    I suppose what they're trying to portray in the magazine shoot is a woman's (and probably a mans) ideal - the beauty of youth and the style and class of a mature women. I suspect most women that can afford all that vintage designer clothing still wish they looked as young as the girl in the pic.

  5. It won't hurt to take it to Chanel.
    And it looks like Petit Garcon has a promising modelling career ahead of him; just don't let him start until he turns 18! ;)

  6. Oh my God!

    This girl is the most sweet girl in the planet! Who is she? I am so in love for her!
    It makes me want to have a little girl like her ;)

    Many kisses my friend!

  7. I can't work up any outrage in the face of so much cuteness from your bebe!

  8. Broken Chanel anything is pretty devastating! Fab Post, hope you get your belt fixed soon x

  9. Your little one is the cutest! Even gets the poses down right ;)

    Do you have a local jeweler that does repairs?

  10. Your little one is the cutest! Even gets the poses down right ;)

    Do you have a local jeweler that does repairs?

  11. These pictures of Petit Garcon have made my day. He's the cutest!! He belongs on the runways!

  12. call chanel and ask them for a good repair service.

  13. I'm guessing that vintage outfit, photographed for Pop, is so tiny a fully grown woman wouldn't fit into it.
    What a pity - I'd give my eye teeth for an outfit like that.

  14. I do prefer both Petite Garcon and the glamorous fashion shot you featured to seeing very young girls in highly sexualized outfits on very young girls. That makes me cookaloo.

    Petite Garcon needs an agent!Gorgeousness!!!

  15. Petit garcon looks adorable!
    And I agree about the prepubescent models: enough!

  16. I've joined the ranks of your followers, even though I've been a fan of yours for a year now! Am I entered?


  17. OMG le Petit garçon is just adorable!!!!!!!


  18. Ha ha great post - and rant!!
    You should definately take it to Chanel, I just got them to repair my boots (cobbles are a death trap) and they fixed the leather graze and reheeld them for £8!

  19. I found this the best independent piece on fashion in along time. You should be snapped up by a newspaper. If only I didn't work on a regional.


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