Friday, 25 September 2009

From Lace in London to Knickers from Milan!

I know LFW was all about the top trumps Burberry show/party/Anna/slash et al but in the background was a really wonderful show by Erdem. Glorious print, cut and colour, sigh, it was a joy.

image, view complete collection here

Now over to Milan, where the first few images of the Prada collection are being drip fed by the fashion editorial pages on line. It seems Miuccia has embraced palm tree prints and a mix of sportswear and 50s glam fabric. Mmmm I seem to have written about sportswear and glam already this week. Anyway, it looks like silk knickers are Prada's new turban!

image The Daily Telegraph

I'm sure will have the full collection on line by now. The Milan Fashion Week will be a glut of fast action packed shows over 4 days due to last minute re-organisation for the main shows.

PS Updated click for the Prada Ready to Wear collection here on


  1. I'm pretty sure I won't be buying Prada panties. I'll stick to shoes and bags, thanks!

  2. I loved Erdem. LFW was exceptional.

  3. That looks like lingerie to me... but if you're going to walk around in your panties in public, at least you could do way worse than Prada!

  4. Erdem was my favourite show - absolutely stunning. xx

  5. wow, erdem is really great. nice pics

  6. The Erdem dress looks wonderfully wearable! I must investigate . . .

  7. Just from these first three images, I'm already thinking I'll skip the skivs, but one never knows. I'm on my way to look the collection over on

    I'm with you on the Erdem, I love that dress.

  8. Erdem makes a combo of the most beautiful prints and embellished dresses. Prada's silk panties are pure prada

  9. fabulous things going on in your blog :)

  10. Beautiful, beautiful lace Erdem dress. I love the ss10 collection so much! All those pretty florals.

    Florrie x


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