Saturday, 12 September 2009

High Street Shop of the Week

I've sort of over done it this week, what with having a rant. I do have to say my dyslexia causes me dreadful argument skills, a mixture of creative passion and jumbled words in my head don't always make for orderly objective communication, so I struggle to get it out in a specific order without resorting to brain dump passion. Still one day I'll crack it.

I behaved very well on Thursday night at London Fashion night, although I regret not getting the t-shirts. Probably just as well I might tie dye them in a moment of madness.

Anyway I popped into Kingston upon Thames mainly to get some new knickers from M&S, but I didn't get passed TK Maxx. Basically I blew the budget on 4 tops of which one was a £5.99 grey Ice Age film long sleeve t-shirt for the petit garcon. I also managed to barter down the price of one of the tops, I am very cheeky like that 9 times out of 10 it works.

I'd kept a bit of money back for the Gap suede boots which should hit the stores on the 1st of October now. However there is a design flaw if you have a foot with a high arch - not enough room to get you foot in. I managed with effort to get into a larger size but then my foot was flapping about inside. This is all immaterial now as I've spent the money on the following:

A sheer floral Dolce & Gabanna shirt
I've been hunting for 3 years for a floral shirt I could love

a Hussein Chalayan tank of exquisite design and material
(it was a real died and gone to heaven fashion moment when I found this in my rummage)

a long sleeve See by Chloe tee which is a this season second and also had a little teeny tiny hole at the back near the bottom and so it was a complete bargain after bartering!

All hail TK Maxx, a bit more than thrifting but worth every penny.


  1. It really was amazing, and it went too quickly.

    Love that Chloe tee!

  2. Hi there - I was in a little village about 7 miles from Welshpool - right up in the hills. It was fantastic.
    I have been in the TK Maxx in Kingston when my brother lived there and bagged quite a few bargains.
    Are the Gap ones the short suede ones which were featured in their style ad in a magazine?

  3. Hi there-wow, you scored good, they are great designer goodies!! So, the Gap boots are not as good as they're supposed to be? They've been advertised for so long, I'm sure people would have gone off them by now anyway!!

  4. Love the last photo this yellow is lovely

    you're invited to my blog

    have a nice weekend

  5. Coco - that's why I'm getting the dvd!

    Small Fabric - Ah so I was right about mid Wales just east side not west. The Gap boots are the short ones but I've only been able to examine the denim versions and I've got ballet feet with a very high pronounced arch - if your feet are flat/flatter then they will be fine.

    Sharon Rose - it was heaven there was so much to choose from. I was good just selecting the three most useful and also my favs. I know what you mean Gap have really messed up their production or stock controls because they are arriving too late.

  6. I utterly love TK Maxx - last time I was in our local branch I got a fabulous pair of Nicole Farhi wedges, and a printed silk tunic from Uttam. And the Calvin Klein boxer shorts have been a tenner for the past ten years.

  7. I cannot believe you can find those labels there. Our equivalent is shite. And the floral top is just a thing of beauty. Will look so beautiful with your hair.

  8. Love TK Maxx! There's a HUGE one near Milton Keynes with a wonderful homes department. Bought WAY too much from there. LLGxx

  9. That Dolce blouse is stunning!


  10. Fantastic tops, I especially think the Dolce print will look gorgeous on you. xxxx Hope your having a good weekend x (I think you do a jolly good argument!)

  11. Hi, Just wondered if you had ever tried half insoles? They are just the size of the bottom of your foot and stop your feet slipping around, but dont make the shoe feel to tight like full insoles can! I get shoe problems like this all the time as I am a half size!
    Great blog x

  12. Wow! never thought of haggling in TKmax ?
    And I love that Chloe tee, but it looks like it should be worn over a leotard and legwarmers, with a head band...

    You got big dreams, you want fame? Well you gotta pay for it - IN SWEAT.....

  13. Hammie - don't worry I'm going to the Fame thing I won't let you down!

  14. My mom's got an incredible TJMaxx (US version) by her home, so when I visit, I go with her, she's a real devotee. Designers galore, and great home departments. She also recently sent me a box full of baby goods. But Hussein Chalayan? Haven't seen that there yet, big huge find.

  15. I'm sorry to read that the boots you wanted didn't fit. I hear that, I have difficult-to-fit feet. Lots of shoes I love never make it into my closet as a result.

    You scored at Maxx! That floral top looks beauteous!


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