Wednesday, 9 September 2009

All fired up (or challenging stuff part 1)

I'm actually a bit rubbish at checking my googlemail account which is the email contained in my blogger profile. I only set up a different account from my proper one as I was being bombarded by PRs about everything and anything.

Then I thought I must take a peek and there were a few emails I needed to attend to. But there was one really hilarious one. Hilarious in the sense I got an cross patch person ranting at me. Now I love a rant. For one I never find them offensive even if it involves name calling and secondly there is always something you can learn from annoying someone - even if it just that you don't care a hoot.

I often wish I set up my blog in the spirit of Sister Wolf to allow for inner most thoughts observations and public commentary. I have to confess to being a bit of a weasel and containing my views due to manners and also respect to others. Sometimes expressing your views or truth isn't really an option. And I know sometimes how you read things is not what the person intended - lost in cultural translation.

But I'm mightily glad person X got mad with me. The gist of the rant was basically how can you call your blog Make Do Style when you are parading new clothes! This is completely understandable given the person a) hasn't followed my blog from the beginning January 3rd 2008 nor my first feature in the late Mrs Fashion's blog in November 2007.

Me a la Mrs Fashion's blog in 2007 plus same pic appeared in Grazia Jan 08!

Back to answering the peed off email....

On the whole I live by my philosophy of making do. I'm exceptionally good at foraging for food with the petit garcon and I grow my own herbs and vegetables. I undertake all my own beauty routines including waxing my own bikini line (sorry maybe too much info here!). I've sold things on ebay to buy new items and so get the picture.
fresh cut spinach, rocket, lettuce and basil from the garden

I've also worked really hard as well as doing my MA, and by working really hard I also mean I do styling jobs which are demanding and receive little kudos. None of this is a justification merely facts of what I've had to do, due to moving to London and a lifestyle change. I chose to have the petit garcon which has restricted my working life and I choose to do a MA. If I was working full time I'm sure making do would be far from my mind. However if and when I work full time again I'll never go back to my wasteful ways.

So the short answer to my recent necessary wardrobe refill was I earnt the money and saved hard, saving every penny and pound I could lay my hand on. And when I came to spending it I found it very hard to do so. In fact I didn't spend it all, mainly due to a few items I really want not being in store yet. But it was painful to part with my folding. I did try not to buy a single item all year but such a resolution was too tough a call for a style gal, although the spend was reduced massively (only 5 items in 9 months and 4 in the sale) - call me weak willed but did you not see my orange wedges sale purchase!

My recent dye posts are a reflection of my continued commitment to being resourceful. I'll keep posting handy make do tips as well as my own focus on style, plus general commentary on fashion. And please do email me with any comments or requests I'm happy to take the rough with the smooth!

my tie dye t-shirt drying on line (it is my new favourite item, currently)

PS I also pinched all of Mr MDS's changed (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins) as well as emptying mine daily - after 6 months I had £80!


  1. Hi there-fantastic post, although I don't think you have to justify yourself at all (regular reading of your blog is testament to this!)-you've saved long and hard for all these recent fabulous purchases, make sure you wear them regularly and enjoy them!!

  2. Hear! Hear! You don't owe anyone any explanations.

    The e-mail you received sounds akin to what I refer to as "Drive By Commentary". Someone unfamiliar with your blog or your views just stumbles upon a random post and decides to sound-off just for the hell of it.

    Enjoy your hard-earned purchases!

    The Luxe Chronicles

  3. Agreed - no need for explanations; but I do want you to know your blog is an inspiration and I ebayed all my old stuff to buy new because of you! I also think of you whenever i'm thinking of buying something I don't really need!

  4. No need to justify yourself! I love reading your blog and think it's really inspiring! :)

  5. I don't think you need to justify yourself to your regular readers, we know the score. It is very funny though. I love a rant and am the queen of ranty emails, but I never, ever send them. Writing a ranty email helps me vent and then write a more professional response!

  6. You so don't have to justify yourself to some random! Imagine if we all had to post precisely occurring to our blog names at all times - things would get very weird very quickly...

  7. You are funny. I think it is good to comment on received emails. It is a bit like having editors letters or even wore Watchdog!!

    Clarex sorry not at my pc today and can't remember my google account

  8. Just to echo what everyone else has said, you are perfectly entitled to reward your own hard work and savings and needn't justify your actions to ANYONE. Where do people get off being so judgmental?

  9. Of course you deserve new things too, darling!


  10. honey you dont owe any one any explanations at all :)
    ohhh i love the dye top,liking the circular tie pattern,cant wait to see it on you!

  11. Thank you all - I truly wasn't offended, it seemed right to re-clarify the blog to the unbelieving, but blogging does expose you to harsh criticism and I like to take it on the chin.

  12. You do mean "weasel" in the positive sense of the word, i.e. clever, smart and resourceful. right?

    Buy what you want, wear what you want and write what you want!!! That is what weasels do!;-)

  13. Your blog should be exactly what you would like it to be. No need to justify your choices to anyone. I'm just glad it's a good read! :-)

  14. Well done, but really, you don't need to defend yourself. That person made an interesting point, but it was sort of lost when the context of your "new clothes" post(s) wasn't/weren't appreciated, as you said above.

  15. I think rather than take up hobbies some people just craft random, angry emails to people they don't know.

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