Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fab Fairtrade feature

Yesterday I sent the petit garcon to school in a yellow polo top and paid a pound for a banana to get him in the school gate. It was a wonderful fund raiser and he came home with an 'I support Fairtrade' sticker on his school jumper. It was so cute!

Now had I known the style stakes on fairtrade were being upped I'd rather have been dressed as Lisa Butcher as above in this wonderful photograph taken by Trevor Leighton. Mind you the weather wasn't on my side but my hair was being blown around like that.

The full feature is in the Daily Telgraph


  1. That's a really interesting feature. I do think they've got a long way to go with it but it's cheering to see it starting to get more mainstream.

  2. Great shots by Trevor. Intresting read. I am wearing a faritrade cotton tee today. They are right it needs more. The fashion must come 1st. Xxxx

  3. Very encouraging, isn't it? Lisa looks amazing. xxx

  4. Hahaha, so he wasn't let in unless you bought a banana? That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. And great that it's all for a good cause.


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