Thursday, 4 November 2010

Love Johnnie

Over the years I've had more of a dislike relationship with Boden than a like one. All the fault of some PR person and my grudge bearing but anyway...I also find a lot of the prints and cuts a bit too naff for my liking although there are always some good items. Of my clients who need a bit of Boden in their life, I keep a tight rein on what they can get. I'm very directional.

On the plus side I always buy something for the petit garcon from Boden. Good quality and nice things for boys being hard to come by. When I purchased him a few items recently online I received them in dribs and drabs. I was also told that one item wouldn't be available for four weeks. Boden then sent me a feedback survey on my experience. Ahem, I let rip. The missing item turned up a few days later. I'd forgotten all about it when last week I got a postcard from Boden thanking me for my feed back!

It was a handwritten card (good touch). It was sincere (another good touch) and most of all it had some really cute dogs on the front plus a cute little boy on a skateboard having fun. Ah, I smiled. Imagine if it had been signed love Johnnie!

These are the Make Do hot numbers from Boden ... you have my stylist blessings.

Cable Knit tunic £95 enough to make you want to book a ski or snow bound holiday

Sumptuous Knitted tunic £79
Mrs MDS would like this to wear on Christmas Day

Rosette Ribbon Cardigan £59 perfect to add to a pencil skirt for work, supper or causal drinks.

Circle Applique dress, this time the product has been withdrawn due to fabric flaws - go on Johnnie sell them as damaged goods at a bargain price.

Elegant Velvet Jacket £95 a great evening out number and I love velvet so there's no going wrong with this

Milanese Tunic unfortunately sold out, as are two other good dresses, mmm shame but it shows how you have to get your stocks right when a design hits the sweet spot..or as a customer get in early.

Velvet Mary Janes £110
just makes me feel all Christmassy and sparkly!

And talking of something sparkly Glittering Clutch £69

Rich Velvet scarf £39
yes the velvet is the main theme but you'll be glad of it on a cold night

Corsage Pumps flat shoes £79 perfect host shoes for the party season

Skinny belt £35 - hurry the leopard print one has nearly gone!


  1. I love that velvet jacket, the colour is stunning.
    How sweet that you got a handwritten note of acknowlegement, it definately helps retore your faith in some big businesses. xxx

  2. The cable knit dress is more than I would usually spend BUT it is both a lovely cable knit (you know I love them), 100% lambswool, and in a choice of four colours (one being my favourite red). So now I am hugely tempted, bad Mrs MDS! x

  3. I have only ever bought a polka dot rain coat from them. The quality is good though. Xxxx

  4. Vix - I thought it was a good shout. I was justifiably miffed but they made a great effort to undo a bad experience. Also Johnnie Boden wouldn't be so arrogant or silly to sign a letter calling on cuts. It is going to hurt a lot of his loyal customer base.

    Penny Dreadful - sorry!

    Fashionistable - always hot on the quality which is good news. I have a kaftan top thing from 7 or even 9 years ago still going strong every summer for my hols!

  5. Handwritten thank you cards is definitely a good PR touch! I love the mustard cardigan, its my favourite colour this year.

  6. Lovely handwritten card! When the new boden look book arrived in the office that Milanese Tunic was my favourite piece!

  7. Boden jersey dresses are always quite good quality - I have a wrap dress (which I haven't worn for about 5 year!) and a plain black maxi which is good for holidays. I have tried other stuff but fit and fabric quality can be bothersome.

  8. I like the knitted tunic too, I have never bought from Boden but often like the look of the velvet items..but then never get around to buying xx

  9. Gorgeous selections!
    Love that tunic!


  10. I do love your grudge bearing, personally Boden sounds too much like Bogan to me so has always put me off. I do like the velvet jacket and clutch though, nice picks!

  11. Oh the handwritten postcard is a lovely touch. I thoroughly approve of companies that do customer service properly and don't just pay it lip service. Obviously not great that they mucked up your order in the first place but at least they didn't ignore you afterwards.

    The knitted tunic is beautiful - such a stunning colour.

  12. Dear Kate, the handwritten card is very unusual, I am impressed with that.

    I do look at their catalogue now and again but have never actually bought anything. I bet the clothes are good for the petit garcon. The velvet jacket and cable knit look great! Hope all's well with you. Thank God it's Friday! xx

  13. Every second season I can usually find a summer print dress from Boden that really works for me, or a fitted print top, but nothing in their winter range has ever called my name. The winter prints seem so department-store blah! This I don not understand, when the summer prints are so fresh . . .

  14. I offered my sister two Boden vouchers that I'd received at a press day (she has a 6-year-old) and she replied 'what's Boden?" I should have given them to you!


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