Sunday, 7 November 2010

Make Do Magic pyjama party

Now it is the official Christmas countdown I can say it loud and proud. Over the last few weeks I've suggested some great online sites and suggestions for Christmas presents. The main theme has been food hampers, the V&A shop and quite a few ideas - just look on my sky+ of my posts and click on Christmas if you need any ideas.

The approach to Christmas in the Make Do house is twofold, saving money and vouchers plus buying things along the way. That way you can spread it over the whole year and not find yourself short of cocktail funds for the party season. Of course the whole premise to Christmas shopping is that it is an annual event so don't go overboard.

The traditional gifts are also the cutest for Christmas. One year I got such a bumper amount of books it was wonderful. But the perfect Christmas number has to be some lounge or nightwear. After all to enjoy the long nights and book reading you need some snuggly clothes. I find it the perfect antidote to being trussed up and sparkly for festive fun out and about. You can close the door, kick off your heels and curl up with a cup of tea or hot toddy.

Go all out and splash the cash on a pair of cashmere lounge pants for maximum luxury.

Serenity cashmere lounge pants £100 Figleaves

If you are looking after the pennies then flannel offers a cost alternative to cashmere.

Roll up flannel pants Gap £22

Treat your feet to some cashmere socks and top the look with a ribbed tunic top.

Cashmere bed socks from £28 The White Company

rib tunic £80 The White Company

And to complete the festive feel which will also see you cosily wrapped up at home during the bleak days of January and February, make like a Mitford and cover yourself with a blanket as you burn the midnight oil reading your books.


  1. Lovely suggestions .. I keep threatening to treat myself to some cashmere lounge pants ..but haven't as I am scared they will be so comfortable I will live in them .. and they will stretch and I will eat more and drink more then when I go to put my skinnies back on ...arggggggg

  2. I agree and will be demanding some new PJs this year. Actually I have just seen the most amazing Marc Jacobs ones two sets all in a cute little duffle bag for £60 in Selfridges!

  3. Dear Kate, I spend most of Christmas (my life!) in pyjamas or loungewear. I bought a cashmere hoodie and wide legged bottoms on Ebay for £50 a few years ago and I love them xx

  4. I've just been looking for flannel pyjamas today - driving me crazy, sleepwear for women is all pastels and pink and blue and fluffy ducks and cartoon characters and flowers. So not me. I usually end up buying something from the mens department x

  5. Hi there-yes, gorgeous choices here indeed, so snug and stylish, I'm hankering after a new dressing gown!

  6. I lived in Toast PJ's during my maternity leave - perfect loungewear :-) some lovely self-gift ideas you have here. I find it so hard to shop for others when all I want to do is shop for me!

  7. I really want some nice loungewear to curl up on the couch on these darker nights, so might put a couple of these items on my christmas list!

  8. I love my cashmere sweats. LOVE them. I just wish it would get cool enough for me to wear them.

  9. Oooh beautiful things. I've just had a pj cull and am in desperate need of lovely new ones so may well add a couple of your suggestions to my Christmas list.


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