Saturday, 20 November 2010

High Street Pick of the Week

Sometimes you need to add a bit of wow and that doesn't always mean a mad bad purchase. A splash of colour can work wonders to transform your mood and a garment.

This dark red rose corsage for £6.00 from Oasis is just the ticket.


  1. Pretty and perfect. You can never have enough corsages I always feel.
    (In a great minds think alike moment, I too am posting about roses today!)


  2. I just love red.. a splash of red can cheer any day or outfit xx

  3. You can't beat something in red - I usually plump for shoes.

    Bless you, too, for commenting on my last post even though there was only one line - Blogger decided not to post properly and I was too disheartened to rewrite until this morning...! 'Copying' will always divide people, I think - but it's healthier to see it as flattering, like you say!

  4. Hi there-that is very vibrant and pretty-great price too! x

  5. Soooooo spooky. We have the same taste at exactly the same time !!!!


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