Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dress a blogger for Hanukkah, Christmas, Happy Holidays

This weeks centre stage is Vintage Vixen. I was mindful of her thrifty ways so have avoided spending a fortune and have made sure I've got some charity shop action in!

Thank goodness for it is the perfect place to get a bargain and have fun too. Vix is not a wilting flower with her love of colour and is the queen of creating an outfit based on a theme. I've gone with a late sixties look for our Vix.
It is short but bursting with texture and colour a sequin print dress at £9.87

Some nice thick opaque tights in black given how chilly it is! And these from Dorothy Perkins promise to be supersoft at £8.

The second hand black shoes are £6.00 from Cancer Research
The chill shows no sign of disappearing so I wouldn't want Vix to go cold.

Faux fur jacket £9.87

And as a final touch a long gold looking second hand

chain from Cancer Research for £4


  1. Hehe, good choices. I can definitely see Vix in this dress!

  2. Oh Kate! How fabulous! I'd definately wear that dress, it's so cute and well within my £10 comfort zone. I'm wearing sequins today. xxx

  3. High style for a low cost. Well done!xo

  4. Fabulosity and affordablity.
    I love it!

  5. Dear Kate, between you and Vix I'm really thinking about everything I buy now, not that I've ever spent much on clothes but the ridiculous size of my wardrobe (mostly Ebay of course!!) and nearly finishing sorting it out has made me realise I don't need a thing. Apart from a few accessories maybe.

    Sorry to have missed you at Margaret's it sounded such fun and I loved her leopard look. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures this week xx

  6. Love it, especially that coat. What a fab post.

  7. Ooh what a cracking dress!

    I swear by those DP tights - I have them in just about every colour and they're great quality.

  8. Oh yes! Love the cancer research bargains (I swear by my local RSPCA shop, exact location to remain secret...someone local is my size and has more money than sense/wardrobe space...).

    Thanks for the tights tip- I usually go for M&S but will try Dotty Ps now!

  9. i love the faux fur jacket! it's sooo cool :)


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