Friday, 5 November 2010

Leave your scruffs behind!

When did scruffs become the default manner for dress? Am I the only person who dresses up to go to the supermarket? When does dress down go to far?

I'm using an old picture of Coleen Rooney but this is her legacy to the nation or so it seems when I set foot in supermarkets. They seem awash with tracksuit things and crocs.

Like her or not Sarah Jessica Parker knows how to do dress down even though I can guess she's not going to the supermarket. When she does uggs or flat the rest is pretty much the same on top, showing effort is made.

You know when your scruffs have taken over you life when

1. The only items you put on your feet are pull ons with fur lining or slip ons and we are not talking ballet pumps here!

2. You think zips are only for hoodies

3. You think scrunchies get a bad press

4. Those pyjama type bottoms are so comfy

5. You think buttons are hard to do up

I'm sure none of you MDS readers are culprits of the Vicky Pollard/Coleen Rooney/Jordan variety of trackie loving wearing but just in case... next time make sure you are wearing proper clothes when you go to the supermarket:-

1. Proper trousers/jeans - check

2. A nice top - check

3. A bit of detail, necklace, sunnies or scarf - check

4. A jacket or coat - check

5 Shoes that require zipping or lacing up or put on with a shoe horn - check

6. A shopping tote - check


  1. I always dress to go to the Supermarket.. to vain not for me thats an outing :)
    ps I dress to walk the dogs LOL

  2. Wildernesschic - I'm actually more of a dress and skirt person, so yesterday I was wearing a maxi skirt but I can't abide going out in scruffs!

  3. I shall hang my head in shame; although I don't own any Uggs, or trackie bottoms, I have been known to fling on a face-concealing hat and glasses if I need to nip to the Co-op...! xx

  4. Hi my dear-love this post, I think men need to see this too though, I was in Tescos yesterday mid afternoon and there was a middle aged man bare chested?? whats that about? That also reminds me of seeing another man in Sainsburys last week in pyjama bottoms-double yuk!! I cannot stand pyjama/trackie bottoms on men, its such a lazy horrid look!

  5. MyStyle - yes it was men and women yesterday!! What is it all about...

  6. I still find myself unable to leave the house in tracksuit bottoms. It's probably a good thing but it does make me feel a bit OTT in a Victoria Beckham way. And I have been known to test new outfits on trips to Sainsbury's. Last year their checkout staff saw a lot of my leopard print coat!

    And you're so right on SJP. She knows how to do casual comfort without looking like a mess. She's also the only woman on the planet who looks good in a puffa jacket.

  7. OR... shop online so you don't need to take off your comfy tracksuit ;)

  8. I tend to break in new heels at the supermarket - having a trolley is handy when you're staggering round a bit!

    The Liverpool thing is to go out (not even just supermarkets, actual clothes shopping) in your pj's, with a head full of rollers and a full face of makeup. I can't understand it, no matter how hard I try. I am not part of that gang. Pj's are for the house. Don't think I even own a tracksuit or any scrunchies, thank god!

  9. I love your blog, but it's time to leave Coleen alone. It's starting to look like bullying, and good old fashioned snobbery.

  10. Dear Kate, I loved this post! Thankfully I don't own any tracksuit bottoms. I do own a black cashmere tracksuit (bought on Ebay for £40) but it has a wide leg. I always dress up properly to go shopping in the West End as I know you are treated completely differently.

    Even If I'm just popping out locally I always have make-up on and a smart coat. I have occasionally been known to nip out in (unidentifiable) pyjamas with a coat over the top but no one would notice. I put lipstick and eyeliner on to go to the corner shop, I don't want to frighten anyone! xx

  11. Lol! My niece had those furry boots (she was about nine at the time) I detested them and they smelt like wet dog! I don't have any tracksuits, I just can't rock that look, I did have one to wear after a major operation and had to wear it more or less for two months! After two months I was sick of the sight of it! I've stopped saving my clothes for 'best' and have started wearing them for my trips to the shop, so its SJP-style all the way for me!

  12. This has been one of my pet peeves about Angelenos for some time now. We even had a period of time where staff were wearing tracksuits to the office, but thankfully that seems to have gone out of vogue and I notice people are putting themselves together a bit more these days.

    My go-to running errands outfit includes jeans, a tee shirt and some Converse or slip-on shoes. Wearing sweats in public just feels undressed to me.

  13. The supermarket is the one place I am guaranteed to bump into an ex, an old boss or someone else I know so I'm always dressed to impress.
    I can't abide those velour joggers, they are on a par with Crocs for crimes against taste. xxx

  14. I think that by now there is nothing more dated than wearing velour sweatpants and a matching hoodie with uggs. It is so 2005.

  15. I look horrible when I go to the supermarket. But it's right across the street and I can be back in five minutes. I feel like that means I'm not even leaving the house!

  16. I hear ya! I subscribe to the You Never Know Who You'll Bump Into school of thought, so always make as much effort when I go to the shops as anywhere else. On another note, I was gifted a pair of Fit Flop furry-lined boots last week and have taken to wearing them around the house. Boyf has taken delight in calling me 'Colleen' or 'Jordan' ever since *Hmmph*

  17. I've found that I get better service when I'm not dressed like a charwoman. I only wear gym shoes at the gym, the sweats and flip flops never get past the front door, and I never leave the house without a slick of lip color.

  18. I consider myself to be scruffy/slobbish if I'm not wearing make-up, so I can't even comprehend wanting to leave the house in anything vaguely sportswearish. Yeuchhhh....

  19. I only wear tracksuits to the gym or for excersising outside. Xxxx


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