Friday, 19 November 2010

Sharing Spring/Summer wear

A perfectly pleasant evening was spent in Kentish Town last night as I went to view the Isabella Oliver 365 S/S collection. I had a meandering day of introspection starting with porridge in Starbucks.
Then later with a G&T, although I would like to clarify this was with Claire Wacey and she bought me it as a belated birthday drink in lieu of a dirty Martini.

As the initial glow of autumnal air and the pleasure of wrapping up for winter fades, I always find a level of introversion sets in. It explains why we wrap up in lounge pants, over sized cardis and cashmere socks (in my perfect world not necessarily in reality, it is called work in progress) and sit watching films, the TV or reading a book.

It was quite hard to make myself step out into the night air and more so as it meant North London. As things go it was a worthy excursion. Especially for Cybill in Perth as I've found the perfect dress for her!

The forth coming 365 collection continues with an air of simplicity in the cut, ridiculously wonderful quality in the material and 'easy breezy' garments to wear. The main aspect of the 365 range is you can't go wrong. Whatever item you like, when you put it on it, it will 9/10 fit and feel fabulous. There were 9 items I wanted immediately and 4 others I wouldn't say no to.
I think I love the feel of the clothes so much it creates more confidence in respect of wearing. I also like the fact that the pieces have longevity. Of course I couldn't resist a dress up - it was such fun!

Wait for it...

If only this dress was available now I'd be serving Christmas luncheon in it
Wonderful combination of chiffon and sequins - yummy!

Great breton boatneck top and shorts - could wear them all year round

Truly all that glitters is gold

Ok Brad - do you think I could give Angelina a bit of a run for her money, say if you bumped into me in Venice next Summer?

Claire Wacey and the Isabella Oliver team talk 'Matt Cuddles'

You can take the girls out of South London but we can't wait to get back!

Well if the band is playing you gotta dance!

I'm staying in tonight wrapped up reading a book and dreaming of the summer, oh and Matt Cuddles.


  1. Looks like you had a great time and the clothes look fantastic as I knew they would. Thats two times this week when we could have met but didn't such a shame xx

  2. wait a just a second...those shoes are amazing!

  3. You look fabulous - great shoes - and their clothes are lovely, it's true. Shame I'm on a "spend 0 euro" challenge.

  4. You look incredible in that maxi dress and your legs are stupendous! Where were your blue tights from? I need! xxx

  5. Vintage Vixen - the tights are a John Lewis pack of 3

  6. love the long gown ..look out Angie...many, many, many years ago I squatted in a flat in Kentish Town.....those were my hippie days....

  7. Hi my dear-sounds like a fabulous night out and you look gorgeous in the black sequin dress and grey column dress, I would have these like a shot too! xx

  8. Beautiful, fun post, darling!
    Love that sequined blazer!


  9. You looked like you all had such fun dressing up. Did you really trek to North London in those heel? Good on you

  10. You look wonderful. i didn´t know Starbuck did porridge. Wow they move quickly!!!.

  11. teawithonesugar - this is shocking I know but those heels are really truly comfy. I'm amazed - the only problem comes when you get bumpy ridges as the heel is so thin xx

  12. Way hey your spontaneous modelling is tremendous.

  13. I'm fascinated by that giant chair.

  14. You found me a dress! I've just been all over their web-site they have the most fabulous stuff.
    Of course Brad would leave Angelina for you but just think how awful the publicity would be.

  15. Those clothes look gorgeous and Matt Cuddles made me giggle! PS you have fabulous legs!

  16. My FAVORITE photo is you in the Breton top. You LOOK so French-chic fabulous. I would do anything to be able to walk in those heels! Love this post.xo

  17. I love these clothes. I found London and the UK very conducive to snuggling and lounging at home while it was freezing out. It will be weird to be hot in Australia once I get home x

  18. What a poetic post! And you just wear clothes so well - especially the sequins. I still haven't managed to get away wth Breton stripes...x

  19. Dear Kate, you look absolutely stunning! I love the black dress on you. Why can't you have it??? xx

  20. Christina - it isn't available yet! Part of S/S 11 collection xx

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