Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What Kate did

Well can you believe it, your birthday gets hijacked by Will and Kate. Tsk, since when has an engagement been front page news. Whilst the eyes of the world were on the great pretender Kate, whom henceforth is to be referred to as Catherine. The real Katherine who is still being called Kate amongst other things set about an ordinary commoners birthday.

Firstly she dropped off a young pup off at school and went for a swim outdoors. It truly was parky. Not a pap insight Kate ran the risk of 4x4 land and went for a brunch in the Surrey hinterland of Cobham at Carluccios, predictable but useful for guaranteed food pleasure.

Whilst she was receiving calls she declined to comment on anything and choose merely to glance coyly at the camera in case she opened her commoners mouth.

Eggs Florentine yummy

followed by almond croissant in true weighty Kate style

Waity Kate ( for the bill ) has no comment ref Will but would have quite like to have stopped the man at the next table going on and on about it, especially the line 'you heard it here first'

After an afternoons work, it was back to the palace, sorry house and time to bring out the birthday crown jewels, well they are delightful jewels in Kate's world.

A glorious booty

behold the magnificence of Dior

even more magnificence to behold

The admiration of the birthday haul was interrupted by the return home of her prince charming, bearing....well no gifts, merely a grazed knee, a hole in his Paul Smith suit trousers and swearing more than the entire band of Take That in a documentary.

Sighing, Princess Kate glanced at her sparkly engagement ring of many years and served up the dinner and a large glass of red for the wounded soldier.


  1. I think it was rather considerate of them to honour you with their announcement :)
    You meal looks heavenly.. although I cannot stop lusting over your Dior compact.. stunning xx

  2. Hilarious! Hope you had a great day despite it being hijacked by the toffs. Love the purse and what colour is your Chanel polish? xxx

  3. Hi there-haha, love your account of the day and you received some totally gorgeous gifts, so pleased you had a lovely day my dear! xx

  4. Hehe brilliant, happy birthday! x

  5. Oh Kate, I was definitely thinking more of you than them. Why is everyone so fascinated with such dull people? I much prefer reading about your eggs florentine (yum), almond croissant (a girl after my own heart) and DIOR COMPACT you lucky thing. Hope you had a wonderful day x

  6. Well said! Belated birthday greetings Bx

  7. OMG!!!
    I forgot your birthday.. I am terrible person - dirty martini on me when i see you!
    Fab post, yummy brunch has cheered me up no end!

  8. That was so funny, and your presents look fab! xx

  9. LOL will they ask yo uto be the wedding stylist though?? How gorg is your Dior compact!!!

  10. You are clearly the more stylish and interesting Kate by far!! xx

  11. A belated Happy Birthday to you! You're the Real Kate, for sure.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful day and what great gifts - who needs a real prince anyway?!

  13. Dear Kate, I've never known so much fuss over an engagement!

    I'm glad you had a great time. Eggs Floretine looks delicious as do your presents. The bag and the Dior compact are gorgeous xx

    PS. How cool that you found the picture of you in the PX jacket!

  14. Your days sounded cool. Welll Brrrr freezing to start with. And despite the engagement and sore knee. I think the eggs florentine look yummy too. Xxxx

  15. Happy Birthday to the REAL princess Kate! It sounds like you had a great day. What is that book/DVD of? It's got me interested. The Dior compact is just fabulous, I'm going to put that on my xmas wish list.
    I must say I did love the other princess Kate's blue dress, which she wore during the interview.

  16. I just assumed that they got engage in honour of your bday.;-) I LOVE Ren products. Gorgeous. And that Dior is lovely.
    Hope you didn't let their news eclipse your celebration. Keep celebrating, lovely you!

  17. Love this post! Sounds like you had a good day and great pressies as well!

  18. Belated happy birthday, the Dior is gorgeous!

  19. Well, happy late birthday !
    Hope this year brings you wonderful surprises and neighbors with better habits.
    I enjoyed your funny post :)


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