Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Profound (less) or perhaps..

It's my birthday and I feel as if I should make some profound statement - this is because I have a clear head. Last year I was finishing my dissertation and also unbeknownst to me I was living next door to a cannabis factory! I'll post about that another time. It has been filed under the 'good grief did that really happen to me' file. Especially as I could add 'criminal gang'/'witness protection' and go on admit it, you thought this blog was all clothes and frivolity.

Mind you yesterday I was all about the frivolity when I met up for lunch with the wonderful and truly lovely Ruth from Life the Universe and All that's in it It was great fun and shame we only had a couple of hours. Mind you we packed it in talk wise and a quick nip into Selfridges to sort out a broken bracelet.

Ruth trying not to cry at the poor service!

Myself and Ruth, now best friends with all the other assistants as we were bored of waiting for the one dealing with broken bracelet

Sadly, after rectifying said bracelet issue, Ruth had to grab a cab to hot foot it to the station for home. I meandered down Oxford St, I would have walked quickly but the slow pace is even slower as it is nearing Christmas. It was so painfully slow it was quicker to hop on the tube.

As I cycled home after public transport journey, I was met with a haunting sunset and fog on the ground. The trees in the picture are from Kew gardens they were moved a few miles down the road in case they got bombed during the war and have stayed since. Sometimes there are parrots in them that come from Richmond Park. It is bonkers living south west of central London. We have deer and all manner of forest creatures.

Anyway, the beauty of a late autumnal day and the beauty of blogosphere friendship was increased by a post I read by Sister Wolf. Sister Wolf has had such a difficult year that there are no words to convey the anguish. I can laugh about a random cannabis factory event and I could, if I wrote a post about it, make you laugh too.

When there is nothing funny about ones circumstances then all we can do is reach out. However little our gesture is, it is a profound mark of humanity that humans care about other's suffering. A blogger with a truly lovely name...Heidi aka honeypants... has reached out and made a necklace in support of Sister Wolf and it is being auctioned here

As fashionista's, as bloggers take a peek and if you like what you see, make a bid. Make my birthday count just this once as I would like it to be about others not the usual 'all about me'.


  1. Dying to hear more about the pot situation.

  2. Ah Kate it was so lovely to meet you and you were so good with all the terrible service we seemed to be getting wherever we went... They could tell I was a "country girl", where are as you were brilliant in all situations xx

    I am also dying to hear more about the dope :)
    Lovely to meet you and see you soon xx

  3. Happy Birthday! The trees, the necklace (I'll check out the honeypants auction) and Ruth are all gorgeous.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Now I am dying to hear the drug bust story and more about the broken braclet story - you I am obsessive about quality and customerservice!
    The auction sounds such a lovely idea I will take a look.
    BTW are you sure yo didnt buy your self even a little present in Selfridges???

  5. Happy birthday, Kate! You and Ruth look so lovely. PLEASE share your drug and bracelet stores, pretty please. xxx

  6. Happy birthday Kate! Hope you're having a marvellous day.

    Drug story please! My friend's partner runs a property business and I'll never forget the time she rang me when sitting outside one of their houses waiting for the police to arrive to carry out a drugs bust on it!

  7. Happy birthday chicken, you and Ruth look so cute with your blonde mops and cheeky grins.

    My ex used to live in Surbiton and we would sometimes see parrots in the trees there too - it was such a wonderful sight. xx

  8. Happy birthday, beautiful! And I second Wendy - you're gonna have to share that story someday.

  9. I fall for the fog in Kew gardens. Combined with the light it is a perfect moment you caputred!

  10. Dear Kate, have a very Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    You and Ruth look fab, I would loved to have joined you but it's all been a bit mental at the moment. Hope to see you soon, love C xxx

  11. Oh my! Thank you so much for linking to my auction. It has indeed been heartbreaking hearing about Sister Wolf's trials and tribulations. I just had to do something.

    Happy Happy Birthday to you! And I want to hear all about the infamous neighbors as well :)

  12. Happy Birthday! Lunch and a trip to Selfridges sounds like a perfect way to spend your day xx

  13. Happy Birthday wishes to you my dear, sounds like a fun meet up and you and Ruth look ever so lovely! xx

  14. Happy birthday dear Kate!! Hope you've had a lovely day today xx

  15. Happy bday! The whole grow-op sitch sounds fascinating. I def want to hear more about that. Gives new meaning to the neighbourhood going to pot :-)

    PS: I think I found a Twiglet "dealer" close to home. (It's an online shop from Mississauga - so the shipping is vaguely affordable.) They also have those black currant candies with the licorice interior. I'll post about it...

  16. you both look so pretty. I have been in Oxford today and it is FREEZING. So hard to maintain glamour rugged up like a bear. I'm off to Honkers tomorrow and looking forward to some heat x

  17. Bit late now but still your special day. Hope you had a great day. Xxxx

  18. Happy belated birthday Kate! The drug story must have been a bit of a shock!

    The necklace is lovely...I do hope it does well in the auction.

  19. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous! What a lovely way to celebrate. I so envy your meet up as I so love both of your blogs.

  20. Happy Belated BIrthday Dearest Kate xxx

    Have sent you a belated email card.
    Sorry for being so late!



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